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Who is Spective?

Ever since it’s foundation, Spective Surveillance’s team fully engaged to develop the most customizable, scalable and innovative video surveillance services that will provide a true benefit to its customers in monitoring property and protecting people and their assets.

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Remote Video Monitoring technology

  • Enables trained agents to view live video from just about anywhere in the world using technology and innovative high-tech equipment
  • Is definetely proactive as it enables 24/7 video surveillance and identifies against vandalism, theft or perimeter trespassing intruders
  • Has two-way audio option for instant intervention that allows our agents to talk down to the suspects (customized „voice downs”) and to prevent any sort of incident
  • Provides complete and customized records of activity for sites under surveillance according to client’s demands
  • Provides a permanent record of activity, saving your security videos for review in case of an incident.

RVM tehnology complementary services

Alarm Systems for Burglary Protection

As we know, an alarm system is a huge plus for clients’ comfort and dejects all criminals’ intentions. But, we may also be aware of the fact that even if burglary sistems ... are meant to prevent and decrease risks they don’t offer any warranty for trespassing of the intruders.

Only by adding RVM to any burglary system leads to a more effective security.

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Perimeter Protection

These special systems are designed to identify burglary on secured locations. They also offer prevention for suspectable intrusions by transmitting alarms to management security systems that will engage all devices on the site (gates, sirens). However, tracking down intruders after trespassing is possible only by using RVM system.

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Access Control

Access Control systems are designed to limit people passing in a specific area in different moments in time. Therefore, these systems are big contributers to increasing security. ... Restriction is according to people’s access rights and facilitates reports’ generation about the presence, traffic and distribution of the people in secured area.

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Detection System (Fire Signaling and Warning).

Fire Signaling systems are detection and warning equipments that use fire/ temperature alarm signals and manual warning buttons for fire. These fire detection and ... warning elements transmit to fire unit all enviroment changes caused by smoke and high temperature in the location and generates an optoacustic alarm.

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CCTV Systems

Closed Circuit Television Video allows real time surveillance of all suspicious events or people and recording them for further use. Recordings storage is made on NVR or DVR for a later usage. The Implementation of this system can be made inside or outside the buildings. By using it, surveillance agents can successfully prevent any incident.

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Intercom/ Video Intercom

Intercom is a elementary protection system dedicated to commercial or residential areas that ensures easy communication to the exterior or between offices in a building and protection against intruders. The access is allowed only through main door commanded by an inside person. ... Video intercom brings added value for its option that allows also to see the person while communicating with it. Through these options the system manages to get the closest as an optim security solution, just like RVM.

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Video Analytics

Video analytics applications are based on computer vision technology to analyze activities and elements through CCTV cameras. These applications enable automatic recognition of objects and situations in streaming video. ...

Unlike conventional systems, originally designed for the "manual" surveillance, digital video surveillance system doesn’t require constant operator’s attention and is optimized for fast processing of events.

It’s the turnkey solution for remote monitoring of distributed objects with a minimum load on the communication channels.

Intelligent video surveillance system automatically assigns priority to the recognized events and sends a message to the control of, and mobile devices.

It does not require constant video transmission over communication channels.

The technology uses an open architecture of video surveillance systems and it’s based on web services and a wide range of video analytics module wich allows system integrators to create new solutions for industries such as security, transportation, retail, logistics, mining and manufacturing.

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Video Analytics Applications

Why Spective?

Most competitive pricing on the market

At a fraction of the cost it would take to hire security guards

Save costs on damage or theft of your assets

Reduce false alarms

Immediate response from law enforcement

Monitoring of your cameras on a requested schedule

Instant report on any activity detected

State of the art technology in video analytics

Save money on insurance deductibles

Get daily reports and customized operational protocol

More security, more efficiency and more profitability

Save time when you prevent crime

Sites we monitor

What clients say about us

„On a daily basis, Spective Surveillance helped us to create in our company an environment where we no longer worry about safety and security of our assets and where employees can feel at ease when it comes to matters of reliabilily. Definetely an efficient way to earn some time, money and build good relations with our people.”

- John S, RCOM

„It’s a cost effective and a labour-saving method when targeting security for our company’s property or assets . We always choose the best alternatives so we can focus on our priorities and make good investments. I believe we closed a significant deal for the company with Spective.”

- Tom Heckel, Inmedia Colours

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