About Spective

A couple of words about us

The company

Ever since it’s foundation, Spective Surveillance’s team fully engaged to develop the most customizable, scalable and innovative video surveillance services that will provide a true benefit to its customers in monitoring property and protecting people and their assets.

By using most advanced technology and video analytics on the market and a team of professionals, Spective Surveillance’s solutions enable smarter decisions for business, improved performance and provide actionable insights.

Our RMV services are based on high technology and professional agents trained to see when unusual actions happen and to transmit instantly all information to the client. In addition to this, Voice Down option enables our agents to prevent any incedent that may occur.

And by outsourcing the human components, clients greatly lower costs on human security services and make real-time RVM a viable choice for their companies when seeking the best in security monitoring. This will offer our clients time and savings for further important other investments.

Now, our company serves more than 150 clients, all industries included, throughout Europe and North America.

As a company, evolving on a ever expanding market, we focus mainly on innovation and continuous development of the services.

Our main target is to remain liders of the market by offering of reliable, efficient, profitable and customizable services to our clients.

Our mission is a commitment:
To provide best security for people and their assets as we know tomorrow is built on today’s safety!

From our high-quality technology to and services, and from our reliable extensive network of partners and affiliates to our employees, we have one single objective in our minds: most effective live remote video monitoring services at international standards.

We build trust with our clients every day by offering them customizable services, based on their real needs when it comes to protecting their properties, assets or people. We activate for them to feel secure and at ease when knowing that their assets are under our surveillance 24/7/ year-round.

We offer quality and best service available in the marketplace at a cost effective price.

Our core values

Safety - we care for our fundamental needs
Professionalism – we always offer optim solutions
Efficiency – we take right actions for each event
Commitment – we care for maintaining higher standards
Talent – we support all creative ideas and special skills
Innovation - we discover challenges and create new ideas
Vision – we create a higher perspective of safety
Excellence – we always want to be the best we can be

We are not expected to memorize these core values, but to embody them in our personalities everyday and to make them a living breathing thing not just a plaque or a lobby. It’s our way of life and our way of conducting this business. As we continue to grow and evolve this business and ourselves, these values remain our constant. Because continuous improvement is a shared responsibility. And because we know that our behaviour define our success.