Reveal your potential with Spective Surveillance

With us you’ll get the opportunity to grow as a professional in a team of extraordinary people.

Passioned about safety in peoples’ lives or technology? Decisive, responsable, vigilant and with strong visual abilities? Capable of sustained attention or having exceptional technical abilities?

If so, let us know now about you and make an impact with Spective Surveillance.

With us you’ll get the opportunity to grow as a professional in a with a team of extraordinary people. And you’ll get to reveal your true potential as it is!

Now’s your chance to develop yourself as an expert by accessing our long experience in surveillance industry and by sharing innovative ideas with experts who can face any challenge in this area.

The scale of our challenge is exciting and from the start we have known that we needed to recruit and retain people that share same skills and dedication as ours. We’re looking for people who truly cares for others’ well being, passionate about surveillance services, and who can understand the importance of safety in our lives.

Here’s at least 5 reasons to join us and to carve your career path whether in sales, engineering or direct monitoring:

Leading-edge training on your skills so our 15 years of experience can enrich you

A work environment that’s flexible, reliable and where people are valued and respected

You’ll be playing an active role in peoples’ security and safety

Our expertise, technology and market savvy make us the choice on our market

We are commited and honest to our clients and colleagues